Welcome to Alam Aesthetic!

Hi, I'm Reta. My husband and I started ALAM Aesthetic from our love of memories and nature's scents.


Making candles is a form of me pouring my heart out and a form of creativity I have always craved to have. My candles are inspired by the scents and beauty of nature, this is also what Alam means in the Indonesian language. I aim to create something that everyone can enjoy, no matter their shapes, genders or race. Something we can see and sense as universally beautiful. ​

My candles are hand-poured and made in small batches and seasonal, you can find your favourite scent easily on a different website and different makers out there, but here I want to help you discover. Visit beautiful, engaging and exciting memories with joy in your own space at your own time. 

I try to be environmentally conscious as much as possible. My candle studio is powered by solar panels with minimal use of plastic.

My candles are made from 100% natural vegetable wax with brown paper + cotton wicks.


March 2021 Limited Edition

From the japanese word, "The reason of being".

Ikigai represents what you value in life without compromising who you are.

A gorgeous scent of White Tea and Sage reminds you of rain in winter.

Check out our limited editions, including SOLIS, Let Me be Different and many more..

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