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The Holiday Season's "FYI" Section

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

If you already have your Christmas tree and decoration up, already have your stock worth about one-month mince pies ready, we're totally here for that.

Just like we did with our Halloween range, we're super excited with our Holiday range. Not just because this is our second collection but the scents we've curated are just... gorgeous!

Let me not bore you with the details of testing this and that! If you've been watching our Instagram, you know that we had to limit our use of soy wax due to questionable farming. To keep following our ethos and promise in sustainability, this winter collection is made from a fine blend of coconut, rapeseed and soy wax. Intrigued?

We recommend reading our "About" section which has all of our ingredients transparency for your peace of mind. :)

To get to the point...

Our Christmas range offers 4 different candles which we highly recommend for this holiday season, each of them represent a different personalities! It's so exciting.

1. Christmas Eve

As you can imagine, the name speaks the loudest volume. Christmas Eve has a rich, complex scent that will take you to your childhood with your grandma and your grandpa– it's rich with spices like clove, cinnamon, nutmeg beautifully paired with glazed orange mandarin and has base notes of patchouli. If you are the kind of gal who loves whisky-based holiday drink, this is definitely for you.

2. Under the Mistletoe

As romantic as it sounds, this scent has a beautiful white musk base notes with fir needles and pine top notes. It's herbaceous, zesty with a whisper of floral – a truly captivating scent. Think about cuddling up to your favourite person, while your yearly holiday movie is playing or perhaps wrapping presents for the little ones. It's relaxing, yet refreshing at the same time.

3. New Year's Eve

The holiday season may be coming to an end, but like... every, second, count am I right? This one is on point when it comes to metaphorically symbolises "a beginning". It's not just a candle for the morning or the evening, but it's a pre-party candle.

The scent is what we describe as wild – thinking about taking a walk in a forest full of fairies, it's earthy and woody, and upon walking you found beautiful bergamots citrus scent blending in with beautiful blackcurrant and trapped in the heart of wild flowers.

We've let you know, now the choice is yours.

Happy holiday! ❤️

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