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Introducing GATAM by ALAM Aesthetic

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

When ALAM Aesthetic was only a dream, we wanted to build a safe place for everyone to express themselves through incredible scents of candles that are unique, different and disruptive.

We want to create a place where being basic doesn't mean boring and boring doesn't necessarily mean not exciting. To sums it up, we want simplicity that you love no matter who you are or what you love.

GATAM is our new collection of hand creams that introduce all-natural and plant-derived ingredients with no nasties, it has drops of lovely essential oil that suits your skin's needs. It's not one for all, it's one for you and one for me made with a lot of love and care.

GATAM is formulated with aloe vera, cocoa butter and shea butter as well as vitamin E oil. We use a plant-based preservative to ensure that your cream lasts long enough for your daily needs. We encourage you to research each of our ingredients and you can see for yourself.

The word itself, GATAM, is short for "Gadis Hitam" in the Indonesian language, this means "Black Virgin". These two words are the scariest words Indonesian girl could ever dream to hear, because being dark skin means that you might stay virgin forever because you are not beautiful enough. So, we decided to wear it as our armour as a part of our brand, that you are beautiful, no matter what skin colour, gender, age or where you are from.

At the moment, GATAM hand creams can only be shipped locally around Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, but we hope that we can soon deliver them to you, wherever you are.

We want you to remember that:

- Self-love is important, and the way it works is YOUR way.

- Beauty is about how YOU feel about yourself.

- Kindness to yourself and others is the combination of beauty + self-love.

Love, ALAM

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