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2021; The year everyone's been waiting for!

When people visit this website, they might think of an established company, not me in my "studio" a.k.a my utility room that I turned into my little candle shack. :)

I take that as a compliment! The picture to your left is taken a few weeks ago, I hand poured approximately 120 candles that evening (yes, one-hundred-and-twenty) for one order. At this point, we were open for less than a month only. I have to say I am quite chuffed.

Anyway, this blog post is the one I've been waiting to write in a while. I wasn't sure of how I want to start 2021, but I have learned a lot from 2020 and one of the most important lesson is to go for what I love and work hard for it. So, I want to share some of our plan for next year (not necessarily in this order). :)

1. Candle Refills

I had one of those thoughts last night. You know–– the kind of thoughts that makes me question my ethos. I started ALAM because I wanted a better alternative for myself and the environment when it comes to nice-smelling things. Most of the candles that are on the market are not something I can afford. But even the best alternatives in this planet isn't perfect, there is a high likelihood of waste even just a little bit. So, as I burn all my test candles in my amber jars, I know that I can reuse these jars. But what would my customers (you) do with them? There can only be so many jars that you use for bobbins or coins or cotton buds. So, I'm going to work on creating a refill method for your ALAM Candles. :)

2. Jar variations

I had one of my friends told me that "I want a candle that's big enough for my open-living house". When I experimented with ALAM Aesthetic, I was living in a one bedroom apartment, it was pretty much a square (Dublin rent, you know yourself). Our candles are fragranced ranging from 9% to 10% load, this is higher than the mass production range of 5%–– so, I used to burn my test candle in my tiny living room and says "OH holy smokes that smells good", but naive me didn't consider the large living areas other people may have. ;)

I also had an amazing feedback about how glass jars are very volatile to travel with! As I munch my freshly-baked chocolate chip cookie and milk (having not travel in the past 9 months) I realise that my candles are not just enjoyed in Ireland but also gifted to people living away from Eire!

So, I'm really excited about this one!

3. (A secret).

Well, I wasn't going to tell you everything. :) A little mystery won't hurt am I right?

Anyway, fellas, these are the things that I'm working on right now. If you have any suggestion, feel free to pop a message over on any of our platforms. In the meantime, I hope you're enjoying your ALAM Candles, if not please visit our shop to enjoy up to 25% off end year sale, or... just click here.

A massive happy new year for you.

May next year be better than this one. May good things be on our way.



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